My high-school-bffs.

Mood: Fabulous.

Yeay! Finally, I managed to gather both of my high-school-bffs. It's been an ages since we had our girls' days out. Alhamdulillah.. I'm so happy that both of them realized that we still have each other no matter what! :)

Gosh! I'm really glad that we are still being good friends. Hm.. we had our hot and cold things going ups and downs. Biasalah.. It's been 10 years kot we knew each other! We just have to accept each other just the way we are kan. Hihi.. :D

We three have TOTALLY different personalities. I'm the one who always bossing around. Arah to do this and that-lah.. Well, I'm the oldest (in month only-lah..). Hahaha. No matter how lancang my mouth.. I'm sure they know why I did all the membebel things for the past 10 years. To make it short, I AM LANGSI. :P

To Farrah and Emylia,



tembun said...

moga kalian bersahabat hingga hayat tau!
i pun love love kat u

susudalambotol said...

langsi, langsi jgn main eh. Mie tak suka :P

dialicious said...

awww..thats so sweet..bf can be replaced anytime but frens cant never be!

busyuksayang said...

thats so sweet dear...to have a fren like U, i'm willing to deal with u for the rest of my life :D

tembun said...

langsi lansir la kak...
ha`a mie x suka!;
(erk dw ikot akk ckp taw!)

Afeeqa said...

waaaah! bestnyer dpt kwn yg thn lame cmtuh. kwn adik yg time skola dlu pun jarang contact da. myb masing2 sibuk kot. huhu.

m@Ri@ said...

persahabatan itu sesuatu yg indah kan..

Putri Ramlan said...

insya'Allah.. thanks dewi! ;)

hahaha. langsi2 mie tak ske eh? takpe.. dia kena ske kan jugak! :P

yeap! that's sooo true. friends can never be replaced. ;)

hahaha. gila sweet u ckp camtu. tp i sgt teruk tau. u sure u nak deal dgn i ni as ur friend? :P

ooo.. keje bdak kecik ni asyik ikut akak dia je! :))

hah.. itu pase kena updated selalu.. jgn tggu derang je call.. kita sendiri kena usaha, oke? :)

yeap! and that's why i appreciated friendship sooo much! :D