I pity you.

Mood: Amused.

I do admit sometimes silence kills but please allow me to quote you.

"Maybe god has its own reason fr making me hate you and with that its my pleasure if you could stay away frm him,"

You know, it amused me when I read it because from what I've learned.. God never teach us to hate each other. Don't you realized it? Here I quote you again,

"I think you should nw draw a line smwhere and start to respect people boundaries,"

Honey, people who respects themselves and others only will eventually gain the respect, not by asking for it. Please bare it in your mind.

I wish for your happiness with him. I know how deeply in love you're towards him. All the best! You don't have to worry on anything. Good luck for your SPM.

Oh btw, once you told me that my acts ticks you off, right? Well.. I've had enough with your not-so-mature-17-year-old-kid attitude. It ticks me off too.

With no ♥


reny rino said...

saper pulak ni u..
ish ishh.

nmmy84 said...

i pity utk that person jgk :D

aku lah arween said...

owwhhh biarkan die cik putri
she's just 17

tak tao lg liku2 kehidupan

spm pn tak lepas lg kan

dr bercinta bagai nak rak
better study for spm

u'r strong cik putri
keep it up

my pray always b with u :D

Afeeqa said...

17 vs 23.
boleh gitu? hehe.

Azza Azwar said...

I agree babe....we can't asking people to respect us...we have to respect ourself and others 1st... ;)

susudalambotol said...

luahan yang baik.
i just love it :)

ungu violet said...

dey pergi ambil spm dululah kasi pass then u'll know the real world ok?!

Ashburn said...

Cik Put, she's just a kid. No point havin conflict with a kid i guess. Rite ? cos ur more than that bebs...worth a million stars....cheers :D

anil lutaze said...

17 tahunn..hurmm..so budak lg...dun worry bebeh...berani dia menyakit2 kan kamu.....

Syafy. said...

Bila namanya pun 17, otak belum cukup matang untuk fikir mana baik, mana buruk.

Sis. Biar saja lah dia bising macam radio rosak. Orang-orang macam dia, memang termaktub dalam hukum alam jenis tak boleh tengok orang senang maybe. Mulut orang mana boleh tutup kan?

Take care sis! Get enough rest.