I'm leaving.

Mood: Nervous.

Today, I'll be quarantined for the next 3 months (please pray for me to made it to the final!). I think.. This is the longest period ever I'll be away. Gosh!

I'm starting to have a mixed up feelings about leaving my home-sweet-home, my beautiful family, my wonderful good friends and definitely my loveable Sayang. ;(

Most friends asked me almost the same questions. Something like,

"Will you be able to make/receive phone calls?"
"Will you be able to online like you used to do?"

Well.. Alhamdulillah.. Luckily, the answer is YES.. I'll be able to do that even though I'll be quarantined. Seriously, it will freaks me out too if Gadis Melayu's production team don't allow us to do it so. Most people nowadays, can't live without an internet connection okay! Haha.

Whatever it is, I really hope that all of you especially my dear friends will watch every episode every week and support me all the way. Please pray for my healthy and wish me all the best to success until the end. Insya'Allah!

I will definitely miss my daily routine yet I'm so looking forward about Gadis Melayu Season 2! :D

Take care all.


Anonymous said...

All the best putri!


Alif said...

Hey bebs, all the best on the Gadis Melayu 2...insyallah will tune in and support u all the way...cheers

cik gemuks said...

seb bek still leh on phone

hmmm update blog leh gak ker??

tak sbar nk tunggu siaran yg pertama nie

gud luck girl

take care urself

busyuksayang said...

dear, i cried last nite bila tgk u selamatkan ur best fren, uya...i'm so touched...tambah plak kuar lagu miraie...sedih tau :(

i menyambil tgk nasi lemak kopi o @ tv9...keep in touch...take care ok....muahsss

Azza Azwar said...

take care beb...and all the best.... ;)

ungu violet said...

selamat dikuarantin babe!!!
all the best and take care ok.


suezensuzanna said...

all the best yeah:)

Afeeqa said...

good luck akk. buat semua task dgn bersungguh2 taw. fighting! :D

Suraya Hani Roslan said...

just watched GM epi 2.
i feel touched bile k.uya nk nanges expressing her gratitude bile k.putri selamatkan die during water ruffling tu.
yaya pon nk nanges jugakk. =,'

take a good care of her eh,
and urself too!

m@Ri@ said...

ala rindula nk baca catatan riri pas ni..anyway semalam tgk riri dlm GM 2..wah jadi penyelamat uya ek...teringin nak try buat aktiviti tu..husband kata tunggula next year..=)

p/s:gud luck dear

Jojol Tajudin said...

I know you'll win!..but the promo photos of you, the make up artis didn't do a good job. I am disappointed.

BUT anyways~... Gudluck!..be humble. :)

LadyBug said...

putri..terus taf! :D

anil lutaze said...

pu3....weeeee....sonokkk...dan teruja...saya akan mengundi hingga ke titisan terakhir...good luck dear!!!

anda lah gadis melayu yg kami carik2!!

esca said...

good luck dear.. jaga tingkah laku okehh... i'll vote for u...