I'm starting all over again :)


Finally I managed to spend a lil bit of time to blog. Wohoo! :) Oh well, maybe some of you will say, "Hey, it's not a big deal. It's just another diary or journal about your life". Obviously, everything that written here is not on a piece of paper and that's why blogging is different and easier! What I'm trying to say is that I MISS YOU BLOG! :D

My current mood is happy since I'm listening to the old good songs playlist from Too Phat, VE, Malique & D'Essentials, Soulvibe, John Mayer, Jamiroquai and you can just name few awesome artists in it. I just realized that my life is kinda bored coz I stopped listening to music. It might sound lame if the word "busy" rules my life for the past 6 months. Yeah, I know but it's true. -_-

FYI, I'm no longer working at Media Prima officially 1st July 2010. Some says that I loss big opportunities to be someone important in the entertainment industry. Some questioned about what was I thinking when I decided to leave. I wanna say thank you for all the comments and I appreciated your concerns. I do. :)

Anyway, it is always been my dream to further studies and achieve to higher level. Although it took me quite some time to do it but hey, I'm glad that I finally did it. It's never too late to learn and I chose to become a teacher in future. Did I mention that I'm doing Bachelor in Education-TESL?? Oh yes I am! Follow Mummy's footsteps. Yehaww!

I still have lots thing to share but my precious babies is calling for their mommy. Hahaha. I'm talking about my teddies and please bare in mind it's not a bear. I hate it! :P

Goodnight! ♥


Mohd Fahmi Ismail said...

mie dh baca abibiey..ape2 abiey nk buat pun mie support eh..
go!go! abibiey.. love you! mwahx! :D

mamamarissa said...

that's y dah lama tak nampak u kat melodi...anyway, congrats dear :)

phia said...

wow! u r going to be a teacher. good luck!

Jojol said...

well, i think i prefer u in another industry


Lensa Perusak said...

welcome back!

we miss u.

Putri Ramlan said...
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Putri Ramlan said...

thank you for the endless support! i ♥ you. :)

hey mama marissa. hihi. i dh agak mesti ramai yg tak tau i dh quit from melodi. anyway, thanks dear! :)

haaa. awk dh kasi terjah baca blog2 kwn2 dh? hihi. tq for dropping by! :)

yeap! pretty cool huh? thanks babe! :)

thanks babe! i miss u guys too, a lot~ :)

Sha Pattinson said...

i always support in what you do ...yiaa putri can do it!bestnya jadi teacher ..keje halfday ;p

fatenton said...

good luck putri..
i pon support u jugak :)

Putri Ramlan said...

kalau usaha kuat, dpt jd cikgu.. i kena ajar budak sekolah menengah! :D

tq babe. i know u do! ;)

D.A. said...

comel gila kak put kalau jd cikgu!
- dal

Putri Ramlan said...

hihi. another 3 years u can call me, teacher Putri, or Ms Putri! :D