It's been a week since holiday!

Hello bloggers! :)

As you can see my title above saying that I'm already on my holiday for a week now. Yahoo! I'm extremely excited about it since I've been struggling with books and pens for the past 4 months ago. *sweating*

Enough about my studies, I'm here today to tell you how I've spent my holiday so far. Thanks to Onyx and N97, I captured those moments. :D


I've been searching for the best and lowest price that I can get for foot reflexology. Honestly, I never allow random people to massage my body. That's why my visit to Spa is countable unlike my few girlfriends.

Having said that, I then found this Malay Spa at Carrefour, Kota Damansara promoting foot reflexology RM20/per 30mins, RM35/per 1 hour (with shoulder and body massage). How can I resist it! LOL.

After an hour of foot massaging, both of our feet feels lighter after a long day! And i slept peacefully that night. I definitely will do it again!

Day 2 - 23/10/2010

It's been awhile since I dressed up like a young girl - cute is not the compliment that I want to hear now. Make it sweet! Hahaha. I'm not dare enough to wear this girlish style because I'm known using the boyfriend's shirt with slim fit pants.

Well, Fahmi bought that flowery mini dress for me last September. And I finally wore it to the Jazz Festival. Thanks Sayang! ♥

We went shopping at Cotton On and found that flowery canvas shoes. Since Fahmi have his own style, I bought it as return.

Glad that he like it! ;)

The Jazz Festival was held at Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. I went there with Fahmi and his best friend. Then, bumped with Finas (one of my Gadis Melayu girlfriend).

With Steve Thornton

Zailan Razak and his son

Fify Emielia (OIAM3)

With Atilia

I had a great time listening the bands playing live jazz music. Glad that it will be a yearly event and thank you for making it free-of-charge.

Thumbs up, ESG! :D


I am so looking forward about the girls' day out with my two lovely cousins. They are sisters that goes by name Ina (the eldest) and Iliya (the youngest). We were supposed to do a slumber party as well but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the late movie showtime.

As usual, we went to my favourite cinema - Cineleisure watching "You Again". This movie is totally hilarious and I suggest for you to watch it with your girlfriends. If I have to choose the character in that movie, I am "Marni". Watch it and you will know exactly what I mean.

Then, we had our lovely dinner at Garden, The Curve. I can't recall when was the last time I ate there but the taste of their Spaghetti Carbonara remains the same. Delicious!


I finally decided to do sinus treatment. It getting worst day by day. Since Finas was a regular customer at Tini's Spa, Shah Alam, she convinced me to go there for the treatment. *nervous*

They used that sinus candle or "corong asap resdung" as the basic step to reduce the itchiness that I am having around my nose and eyes area especially. Then they applied the facial mask to cool down the heat.

If you want to try this at home, buy the sinus candle that only cost RM1/per piece at your nearest Spa. Good luck! :)

Since my blogshop is doing well, I managed to save some money to pampered myself buying my favourite hair products, FINALLY! :D

Browse to my blogshop for preloved jackets, dresses and tops. All the items are from my impulse buying disorder. I got to use most of the items only once. Feel free to drop by, lovelies!

Last but not least, it's lunch time! :D

Since I'm allergy to seafood and any kind of food that will make my sinus getting worst, I only eat beef meat with plain soup. Argh, how I miss eating the spicy tom yam soup! But I know it's for my own good. The Steamboat Ketam Village, I'll be seeing you soon. Hihihi.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend like I did. ♥


nmmy84 said...

wow,penuh jadual awak.enjoy your holiday :D

cik gObu said...

masih sweet seperti biasa hehehe

susudalambotol said...

Woaahhhh. Ini betul-betul update nih! :D

I love you!

goblogbyfarah said...

macam best je cuti u!

canvas shoes tu comel gilaaaaaa!

Afeeqa said...

seronoknya cuti panjanggg. lagi2 bila di isi dgn aktiviti2 yg sgt cool.

selamat bercuti kak ! :)

Putri Ramlan said...

hehehe. tapi minggu ni dah tak penuh. tengah beristirehat. :)

jap, apa yang masih sweet? haha. but thanks though. ;)

puan hidd:
muahaha. tau takpe! nasib amik gambar guna hp. semangat gila! :D

i love you too.

mmg best lah cuti i m2b. kena cherish moment yg ada skrang ni. ceh.. :P

mmg canvas tu comel but i tak berani pakai. haha.

tau xpe! adik jgn jeles pulak akak cuti panjang ok? yg penting adik keje elok2 nnt boleh bg akak diskaun. haha. :D