New winner to be announced tonight.

No, not me! HAHAHA.

Mode: Glamorous! ★ \(^_^)/

It seems like yesterday we've been through TV9 Reality Program: Gadis Melayu Season 2 Grand Finale. And yes, I missed those bittersweet moments with the girls, crews etc. ;) Thank you for every opportunities and great experiences TV9!

Tonight, once again TV9 will announce the new Gadis Melayu Season 3 winner. Good luck!

I'm feeling a bit sad because Min and Bee couldn't come to join the fun though while Lyn and Imah's attendance are still pending.

But one thing for sure, I'm definitely going to see my other GM2 girls Uya, Finas, Nadia, Fiza, Fiqa, Izan and Rinie at the Grand Finale tonight. :D


nmmy84 said...

putri!u ade ke live malam ni.im sure akan tunggu depan tv.hehe :D

btw,kirim salam fiqa :D

amy fahmi said...

hi putri..
errr..from shah alam, ade kembar kan? btol x? sorry klu slh org. rase mcm penah kenal dulu2 ms skolah rndh.

Sha Pattinson said...

gulp!!! congrats to the winner ..and thanks for the invitation ..

Putri Ramlan said...

mmg ada live jumaat malam aritu.. sorry ya sbb kita baru je approved comment awk tak sempat nk kirim slm dkt fiqa. :)

yeap.. i boleh agak that rina yg menang.. :D