Day 7 .

Can you believe it's already a week since we celebrated our new year ?
I DO ! :D

This entry might sounds cliche or whatsoever .
Yet , I still wanna talk about my never-ending resolutions every year .

To be a better person , daughter , friend and girlfriend ☑
To have a better lifestyle ☑

Anyway , I read my friend's blog regarding this resolutions thing .
Instead of having new resolutions on new year , why don't we set it monthly ??
So that we can narrow it down and hoping that all our mission in that year will succeed !
Haaa .. Great idea I would say .

Hands down , Reny ! :D

Overall , here's my resolutions / missions or whatever you wanna call it ;

Holiday trip once a month within Malaysia ☐
Start saving , less shopping ? Haha ☐

And the list could go on and on .

If you have any suggestions about what should I put in my list , just lemme know , okay !


Mohd Fahmi Ismail said...

start saving tu tambah 3 kotak lg abiey ☐ ☐ ☐ : 3 level of saving.
hehehe.. :P

cujen said...

start saving, less shopping.

mende ni la azam i setiap tahun tapi tak tahu mengapa rasanya shopping lagi banyak dr saving...hehehe

anyway, good luck putri!

m@Ri@ said...

i also wish i can save money..bilalah nak habis bayar hutang keliling pinggang ni..

Putri Ramlan said...

hihihi.. susah tu. kena slowly lah. :D but thx for ur suggestion!

kita ni perempuan, sbb tu susah sikit bab2 nk saving duit tp end up shopping. insyaAllah ada determination kuat, mesti boleh!

good luck to u too! :D

hutang? riri rasa semua org pun ada masalah ni.. cuma nak kena bajet tu yg susah sikit..

renyrino said...

holiday once a month? camne nak saving put oi.hehehe

Putri Ramlan said...

mmg susah lah nak saving.. cita2 tinggi sgt tahun ni.. :D