Unexpected journey...

People must been wondering, why am I keep on going back and forth to Indonesia during this couple of weeks. Well, let me tell you this.. Semuanya rezeki datang dari Allah. I, myself, also didn't expected that I'll be going there again. Hihihi. ;)

Actually, this is how the story goes..

Last Wednesday night, around 10pm, Uya BBM-ed me asking whether I have classes from Thursday till the weekend or not. Luckily for her, I'm available except on Thursday evening (buat cuti sendiri kot). Hahaha. Then she asked me is't possible for me to accompany her to a meeting at Jakarta and Lampung. My responses was, "NAKKKKK!". Hahaha. But of course, I have to ask permission from my mom since it was very last minute plan. I honestly said to Uya that I don't have any cash AT ALL. When she said, "Dont' worry, I'll cover all your expenses (something like that..)", I EXTREMELY EXCITED! ;D Furthermore, and above all, I've got the greenlight from Mummy. Wohooo~~~

What should you buy at Lampung?

● Kopi
● Keripik Pisang in variety of flavours
● Keripik Nangka
● Kerupuk Kemplang
● Tart Nenas

and the list goes on.. I bought everything that I listed down. SEDAPPPPP!!!

To wrap up this story, I thank you, Uya, for the unforgettable trip! Hope you enjoyed my company.. ;)


LisaLisut said...

best gile foc g sana.ngaha.MAS pulak tu ;p

alamak i suka la dress biru u tu.heee

Putri Ramlan said...

Hehe. Baju tu I bought at Bandung haritu. :-) Kitorg bukan naik MAS babe.. Naik KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines).

Lensa Perusak said...

I'm in love with your fisheye! *melting*

Putri Ramlan said...

Hehe. Yeah.. Tell me about it! I'm in love with it all the time.. ;D

goblogbyfarah said...

wahhh bestnya u!!!! free pulak tu :P

Putri Ramlan said...

Ha'ah.. Best gak lah! ;) Rezeki babe. Kebetulan mmg I'm free. Hehe.

a guy with moustache said...

business class or first class?

QillaTheCurve said...

love love your style dear.
btw..akak pakai camera brand ape ye?
cantik la gmbr2 akak.. :)

Putri Ramlan said...

a guy with moustache:
obviously there's a pic that shows which seating i sat.

hello.. thank you for dropping by! ;)
akak ada 2 dslr but yg gambar ni guna my bf's d70s but what makes it so special cos the lense - it's fisheye! ;D

QillaTheCurve said...

ouh ic.mahal tak fisheye lens?
geram tgk pic2 akak.cantik.

Putri Ramlan said...

fisheye ni akak beli second hand from a friend for 1.5k only. baru 1 years over dia pakai.. :-)

m@Ri@ said...


QillaTheCurve said...

ouh.ok ok.thanks akak.

Putri Ramlan said...

Mmg best.. Good investment! :D

Nice chatting with you. Kak Put try nak browse blog awak but tak dpt? :/