Shopping and movies.

Mood: Lazy.

ARGH! I miss shopping and watching movies. Haih! It's not that I don't have time, or whatsoever.

Since I'm jobless, I don't have money to do a shopping spree for myself. Sigh.. But there was a time when I shop 'til I drop. I bought a lot of things when I worked at Pull and Bear. Hahaha. Besides, I have my own credit card. Hutang all the way, but I always pay my debts on time okay. :D

Talking about watching movies.. Gosh! The last movie that I watched at the cinema was He's Just Not That Into You with my cousin. One of the reasons on why I ain't go to the cinema.. It's because she's the one who always drag me to watch movies here and there. Haih. Most of my friends prefer to watch DVD at home. Since then, I did too buy a lot of DVD. Now you know why I'm sooo lazy to do this and that. :P

I might going to Sunway Pyramid or One Utama today. I'm looking for a temporary job while waiting for my Degree, December '09 intake. Once all the job hunting is done, I'm planning to watch movie. Jom?! :D


Afeeqa said...

jom sis tgk muvie. citer syurga cinta. lyn x?

Anonymous said...

lebih suka baca blog2 awak di sipeti nyanyi. lebih pure.!

good luck sis!

Razaisyam Rashid said...

jom tgk wayang?

cite johnny deep nanti

Amar Hafizi said...

mak on je, hahaha

susudalambotol said...

i nak tgk Transformer dgn Ice Age.

Nadia Abd Rahman said...

hey put. nu' blog haa..
ok ok..
akan ditag nnt. =D

xsabar nk tgk transformers..!!!oooo lala

Putri Ramlan said...

alaaa. sis x tgk cite melayu. oops~ :P

oh iye? but anyway, thx for dropping by disini jg.. ;)

jom jom! i kempunan nak duduk dpn skrin tv besau.. :P

amar: wah! kalau gitu, mak pun on jugak! :))

jom tgk ice age togede? transformers juga dlm list! :D

yeap! ini blog br sy.. rajin2 lah siggah.. :)

u tgk transformers ngan sape nnt?

"pendatang izin" said...

jom....any tamil muvi showing now?

ungu violet said...

saya tunggu transformers, jom jom?!!!

Putri Ramlan said...

aduh.. muvi tamil? xmau lah! :P

yeayyy! i mmg nk tgk transformers jugak. jom?! :D

pelangi said...

kamu mahu smbg degree dah?
congrates cousie!!

p.s : mane pergi sipetinyanyi?sudah tutup kedai kah?