Mood: Anxious.

20 days from now, me and the rest of Gadis Melayu 2009 contestants will be quarantine for three months (if we made it to the final!). Gosh! I never imagine my life being away from my loved ones so sudden. You know why?! Huh.. I have to say goodbye Ramadhan with family and friends for this year. But I'm sure it will be great opportunity to gain experience. Insya'Allah I'm well prepared. :)

Last Wednesday, my beloved Mummy was a bit emotional. Well you know.. Her only princess will be out there all alone. Ceh ceh. But she always knew that I'm a strong young woman who can live on her own. Hihihi. Thanks to her for being the most inspirational woman in my entire life.

Mummy: "Bila Gurl kena pergi rumah tu?". (she was referring about the house that we'll be staying soon.)

Me: "Kan Gurl dah pesan kat Mummy. 14 Ogos ni dah kena pergi,". (with my trying-to-be-cool tone..)

Mummy: "Eh.. Nak dekat dah rupanya. Ish, Mummy mesti rindu Gurl nanti,".

Me: "Lah, kenapa nak rindu pulak? It's not like I do all the house chores, kan?".

Mummy: "Bukan sebab tu lah.. Mummy nanti mesti rindu suara Gurl membebel kat rumah and rumah ni mesti sunyi, kan Dejah (my twin brother)?"

What I'm trying to tell here is.. I still can't believe that I'm involved in one of our local reality TV show. It shows that dreams do come true if you believe in yourself and by God's will, right? So, I can't really express my feelings about leaving my family and friends yet, especially my beloved mummy. It's not about the ego and all.. Maybe I'm still trying to adapt everything one at a time.

Two things that I love about Gadis Melayu 2009 programme that we still can make calls, texting and online. Hahaha. So far, I have no worries about contacting my loved ones while I'm away from my wonderful life soon.

Dear TV9, you rawks! Woot woot~ :D

P.S. I can finally online at home. Thanks mummy for paying the $$$.


melon. said...

gud lak beb.

busyuksayang said...

putri, u still bleh online ker nanti??? anyway, good luck & take care ya dear...muahsss

aku lah arween said...

seb bek putri still bleh online

kalo tak rindu nak bace story2 dr cik putri

gud luck oke

khaleda said...

sy sgt tak boleh pisah dgn emak. last pisah masa keje kt kl. bwh bantal letak gmbr emak. hihihi. sgt mengada kn.

wish u all d best in GM. go2 chayuk ;)

suezensuzanna said...

wah....20 days more...uhuh...all the best yeah....erm...its hard to believe that u involve ehh??believe it:P

esca said...

good luck for u dear.. sian mummy u.. kol pon x boleh kee? so sad.....

Azza Azwar said...

lucky u can still make a call, texting n most important is can online...haha....still can keep in touch in network ya beb... ;D ..All the best to you.... ^_^

susudalambotol said...

kalau ada kesempatan sms dan online la ye. yang penting nak buka puasa sama-sama :)

"pendatang izin" said...

good luck putri..will watch n support u...

Syafy. said...

all the best sis. good luck to u


Afeeqa said...

olla! naseb baik boleh contact sume. boleh taw perkembangan akk kat sane nnt. :)

gudluck akk! jgn notty2 ya? ehhee. :P

littlephia said...

all the best! sure u can go far. :)

** ala, only three months.

Putri Ramlan said...

thanks babe! :)

haha. yes, we still can online if im not mistaken ler. btw, thanks for your wishes. :)

ceh ceh. entri saya ni tak mcm spn dulu. yg pasti, saya suka! thanks again.. :)

wah! awk tak leh pisah dgn emak? anak emak ke apa? tp bagus actually. they actually understand us more than anyone else rite? thanks babe! :)

yeap! 20 more days to go. start marking your calendar and do vote only for me! haha. :D

call boleh ler dear. online pun boleh. tp maybe by the time nak buat seme ni, mental n fizikal penat. thanks dear. :)

insya'Allah i will. thanks babe! :D

itulah pasal. i betul harap i dapat buka puasa with you, mie and seme for the 1st time this year. *cross finger* ;)

thanks babe. i tot u dah takde masa nak on blog at all. :)

thanks dearie.. do watch every episodes and send votes only to me, oke?! heee. :D

Allah, dik oi. nak notty dgn siapa pun. dah la a.mie awak tu kat damansara sendirian w/out akk nnt. :'(

well, 3 months yg akan i rindui.. lalala~

Anonymous said...

gud luck cik riri....(^_^)


mrs SyeDiz said...


sila update blog selalu ya!

tembun said...

putri gud luck ok
i do love and miss u 'gurl'

stay 'chantek' okey

igt i selalu yeee

im so sory i xdpt nak online then kita loose contact
i bnyk problem
dah saket jiwa ni

nmmy84 said...

putri fasting kat sane ke?
u rock gurl:D

Syafy. said...

haha. will do sis, will do.
sebab rasanya i know u saja la in that program. kena top up byk2 ni nak vote. :)

Anonymous said...

all the best putri. going to miss u lah! ;p

*mcm laa slalu contact sgt ye? hihihi.

pelangi said...

wah lg 20 hari...
all the best cous!
harap2 kamu masuk final..
nanti for the first time im gonna watch gadis melayu..hahaha..

p.s:sib baik dpt on9 kalau tak pasti lost..=(

anil lutaze said...

waaa.....saya tak abes teruja lg dgn GM ini...awak...jgn lupa publish tau bila kluar tb...mahu tgk awakkk

awak...mak awak msti bangga bila impian anaknya mnjadi realiti...

tahniah pu3

vee said...

take a good care of yourself putri... :) gud luck for your Gadis Melayu & be strong! Mmmuuaahh!!

Melissa said...

Cik Put, ALL THE BEST ! :D

Putri Ramlan said...

thanks awak! :)

nak selalu update cam dulu2 tak kot. unless ada idea nak dikongsi. but thanks awak! :)

insya'Allah.. i oke je so far.. i hope everything doing just fine for u, babe. huk.

yeap! kami seme kene fasting kat rumah tu je during the programme. mencabar sgt! :-/

yayyy! sis suka dgr ni! top up byk2 special utk GM sis oke! :D

kite selalu contact apa.. kan selalu saja reply komen. ;)

kak wan:
hihi. act, putri pun 1st time tau abt Gadis Melayu ni.. tau2 je join this programme. weee! kak wan jgn lupa suh satu family vote putri tau?! :D

itulah pasal.. awk, kite still tak leh lupa subuh tu kite berdua chat cite pasal nak cr killer dress. kan kan? heee. btw, hopefully teruja-ness awk stay support me smpi final! thanks babe.. ;)

insya'Allah i'll be strong!! thanks.. mwahx! :)

thanks babe! ;)