The tallest boy is my baby brother, Wawa. :D
My "Harry Potter" cousin. Hihi. It's Nabil, actually. :P
Me and the two sisters, Kak Wan and Tra. ;)

Mood: Talkative.

Last night, Wawa and I went to Khulafa Shah Alam to meet few of our closest cousins. I'm so happy because finally we managed to find some time to hanging out together especially with Kak Wan and Tra. But sadly, Eina couldn't make it due to a last minute plan. Sigh. Make sure that four or six of us including Najah and Iliya will have a nice and sweet Girl's Days Out, okay? I'm so looking forward about it soon. :D

Well.. as I promised to Tra early in the evening yesterday.. I'm glad that I made it for our lepak session. Although it's only about less than an hour, I'm sure all of us didn't noticed on how fast the time goes by. Kan kan? There I was talking non-stop about myself.. Thank you dearly cousins for your ears and your patience. Hahaha.

As for today, I'm quite nervous actually. My heart beats is dup-dap-ing like real fast! Uwaaa~ Ya Allah, please give me the strength to pull off everything just fine today. Go Putri Go!! Amin.. :)


I will have another photo shoot in the morning for Aidilfitri version. Yayyy! Soon, you'll be seeing me and the rest of Gadis Melayu at TV9's Aidilfitri's card. Not only that.. Today is the BIG day for all of us. We'll be attending to our Gadis Melayu Press Conference in the afternoon somewhere in Kuala Lumpur.

So guys, do wish me all the best and hopefully everything is going well later. Insya'Allah.


cujen said...

all the best for u!!

busyuksayang said...

good luck to u dear...hope, everything will be fine...can't wait to see u on tv...muahsss

aku lah arween said...

wish u gud luck dear

go putri go putri

u can dot it

my pray will always b with u :D

m@Ri@ said...

gud luck dear..all the best...i know u can do it..

dialicious said...

hey..u dh lost weight yer?ur looking all good!gudluck..eveything will b great!

Anonymous said...

Wah..bestnyer puput de photoshoot. nak join ley tak?hee All da best ya put n jgn lupe kirim card tu raye nnt..:)

هدايه يسٓ / Hidayah Yassin said...

bestnya keluar makan2 dengan sepupu2 ek? kita dengan sepupu2 pun agak rapat tapi tak pernah langsung keluar2 macam riri...

semoga selamat semuanya diari riri hari ni hingga tamatnya Gadis Melayu nanti ye?

Pelangi And Promise said...

its nice to see families hang-out together.

anil lutaze said...


pc gadis melayu....

Yay!!! esok 4 sure dah kluar paper...bile on tv put3??

susudalambotol said...

why ur face look so pale?

Afeeqa said...

adk dh lame xjumpe cousin yg bsr2 nie. masing2 sibuk dgn hal masing2. raya nnt je la boleh jmp smbil bergosip sape makin gemok. hehe. :D

pelangi said...

auw..sangat sweet!!
nanti kita lepak lagi k..

put put kak wan curi gambar ya..=)

Jojol Tajudin said...

The last photo of you, ur face seems tired~..

gudluck dear for the show!

I.N.T.A.N said...

dear putri,
it's great kn to have kazen yg kite boleh talk, share things together2... :)
adding to that, i am wishing u all the best and semoga dilancarkan program tu. gud lak putri..go putri go!!! :)

Putri Ramlan said...

thanks dear.. :)

insya'Allah. i do hope too everything will be just fine. mwahx!

auwww. thanks dear. jgn lupa vote! :D

yes, i'll do my best! insya'Allah. weee~

u jgn ler nak mengarut. manede i lost weight, gain weight ade ler. huk.. btw, thanks babe! ;)

boleh je nak kirim tp kpd siapa pula yg komen ni? heee. :)

fyi, kazen kite belah mummy seme dah besar2. mmg kebetulan ada yg free, so kitorg ON je lah. :D

pelangi and promise:
yeap! it sure did.. hilang juga rindu sket dkt cousies.. :)

apa yg i pasti, dah kuar kat berita tv9 semlm abt GM's PC semlm. :D

lack of sleep and rest. exhausted gila babe. o_O

oh.. pasal raya tu as usual ler.. mesti kecoh siapa yg gain or loosing weight lah. :P

kak wan:
no probs, cous! amik je lah, no need to ask kot! make sure kak wan arrange our girls' cousins day out tau! :D

yeap.. i am tired. drained gila! but i'm much happier, thats for sure. thanks babe! :)

act, im not easy on trusting ppl sgt.. so, bila cite seme masalah dkt kazen sometimes boleh memudaratkan. haih.

ungu violet said...

saya jarang berjimba dgn cousins2.
kalau jumpa pun time raya/wedding je..

all the best for GM!!!!

Putri Ramlan said...

well.. kite pun sama.. time raya baru nak gedik2 jumpa cousins.. tp bila makin besar rasa rugi tak gunakan masa melepak dgn derang kan? :) thanks for ur wish!