Showdown 2010.

From left: Gen, Megat (my baby brother), Ammar, Fizzy, Shawn, Apek.

My baby brother, Wawa, and his fellow schoolmates is finally on the nations' most eminent dance reality show that reached a feverish pitch as the top hip-hop crews and will battle it out on stage for dance supermacy!

Good luck adik-adik from Backyard Revolution Crew. I know you guys can do it! Have some faith and be confident! Most importantly, gain a lot of experience by learning and stay humble. :D

Please support them by sending your votes to:

SD < space > BYR send to 33399

Don't forget to watch Showdown 2010 every WEDNESDAY at 9.30PM only on 8TV.

Web: http://www.8tv.com.my/showdown2010
Facebook: 8TV Showdown 2010


NURUL said...

wahhhh caiyok

Siti Nornadiah said...

oohoo patutlah mcm pnah nampk adik you nie..

rupenya dekat tv..