New moon.

It's October babyyy! How are you guys feeling? Still enjoying your Syawal, I guess. I'm sure all of you are busy attending weddings and open houses; eat lots of great foods (adding weight) and not feeling guilty at all, huh? HAHAHA. That makes two of us. :D

BACK TO REALITY please, Cik Putri!

I'm seriously throw cold water on studies. There, I said it! -__-

I have not very been attentive toward my studies for the first half of the semester. As a result I might obtaining poor passes in all the subjects. My lecturers advise me to double my efforts so as to achieve better marks in the coming Final Examinations. Somehow I am inclined to take things easy.

Note to myself:

"Kalau fail, siap!", said Mummy.

(She has hard and fast rules to pass with flying colours.)

It is only two weeks before the Final Examinations that I begin to take stock of the situation. I realise that I have failed my lecturers and my mom miserably by my poor performance. Most of all I have failed myself. My future is at stake! Many a golden times have I allowed to waste away in idleness and fooling around. I know that if I continue to adopt this lackadaisical attitude I am doomed to more failure. I have a short time left to catch up on my studies. My mind is made up! I must not let down my lecturers, my mom and obviously myself.

In the nick of time, I have weighed in the cause. I MUST focus on my studies more and I should put on end to all these social networking: Twitter, Facebook - you name it, for awhile. Errr?

On second thought, I can't simply hit below the belt to myself, right? HAHAHA. I should surf the internet less. :P

Thus, "The will to succeed" has become my motto and by following it I know that success will come my way. InsyaAllah. :)


Mohd Fahmi Ismail said...

InsyaAllah abibiey. Mie percaya abiey mesti boleh la..mie selalu ade support abiey.. Go! Go! Abibiey!!
love you! Mwahx! :D

Putri Ramlan said...

Thank you Sayang! I ♥ you more.. ;)

khaleda said...

ucandoit. go2 chayuk ;)

Putri Ramlan said...

khaleda, thanks dear! ;)