Self-Motivation. :)


I finally have an idea about the entry that I'm going to share. :)

For the past 30 - 45 mins ago, I was texting long time friend from MySpace name Vee Ze Fabulous through Facebook. She's the most fun, fabulous and fierce person who inspired me about fashion. Did I mention she's working as a Fashion Journalist with InTrend now?

Anyway, I was struggling about my life purpose. And the feeling is not totally gone yet! But, I discovered few things by asking these types of questions such as "Have I ever felt like I was supposed to be doing more with my life?" or "Has my daily routine become predictable and boring?".

YES to both questions.

So I quickly grab a pen and a piece of paper, writing down things that I love to do, and what I should do about it to motivate myself. You know, doing something that will give you happiness and joyful in your life.

I love to sing, taking pictures, fashion, to be a model, make up and swimming. And I promise myself to mix the old and new tunes in my iPod, exploring my photo skills, wear clothes that portraying who I really am, do exercise and control my diet, groom myself and find my own trademark AND to be more discipline in everything that I'm doing.

Please, oh please.

Wrapping up this entry, I've decided to enter into the entertainment biz once again! But in FASHION!! Wish me luck. ;D

P.S Thank you for the pep-talk, Vee. *cipika, cipiki*

"You are what you think about all day long."


mamamarissa said...

good luck dear :)

susudalambotol said...

Orang kata masa umur 20-an ni paling sesuai untuk berbisnes :)

cik gObu said...

lama tak update
rindu nk bace blog cik putri


ape pun bidang yg u ceburi
gudluck ok??

m@Ri@ said...

fashion??gud luck dear..

Putri Ramlan said...

thank you. :)

that's true tap bank cabaran tu. :)

ha'ah, mmg lama gila tak update. insyaAllah lepas ni akan kerap.

thank you for your endless support, ween! :D

riri minat buat fashion, sejak dulu. cuma takde peluang luas. anyway, thank you! :)

cujen said...

good luck putri!

eiza said...

Good Luck dear.
i suka ur eyes make-up la. dah lama duk usha2. teach me pls!

raja nur juliana said...

miss u abiey!! we all lunch td u xde.. :( nadia call u but u xagkt..anyway,, gudluck in whatever u do.. i ni confirm supporter paling setia utk u..ehehe ,, muaxh.. :)

Putri Ramlan said...

thank you bride-to-be! ;)

awww. thanks dear! insyaAllah i'll teach you some day! :)

yeah i know you're one of the biggest supporter i ever had.. thank you for the love! ;)

p.s. my phone line kena barred sbb tu tak tau lunch get-to-gether td. i'm sorry!