What is originality? I'm sure most of you know the meaning but don't really understand what it really means. I truly believe that you can only claim that something is yours IF you take a little bit of some inspiration and create it with your own way. This is a general topic that all of us face everyday. But there's one interest that really catch my eyes besides a fashion statement which is originality in writing.

There's nothing right or wrong about it. Put asides your grammar mistakes or whatsoever cos each one of us has their own way of writing. I personally love to write in English although I'm not a very good writer but it is one of the method that can improve your English Language. Most importantly the message gets through. I don't mind taking constructive criticism from others. Do correct me if I'm wrong.

What bothers me is when people plagiarize someone else's writing. Or should I say COPYCAT? I'm sure all of us hate this type of person among us, right? Don't just simply copy and paste every single words and change it to your own fantasy story. It happens to some of my friends who love to share their thoughts through blogging.

I'm not here to judge anyone but please stay true to yourself. Honesty is the best policy. Why should we live in someone else's fantasy world? Why not create your own? I don't expect people to love my writing but at least, I write whatever that crosses my minds and from my heart. Giving a piece of my mind is better than saying "I don't mind".