Back to school! ;D

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1st day of school.

Please jangan tertipu dengan gambar di atas. Saya tak buat perming pun pada rambut saya. Yes, it looks all wavy and curly but that's because of my natural hair dan menggunakan teknik menyimpul rambut sewaktu tidur. Thanks to my Loreal Kérastase hair products. ;)

Bumped with Syaf. ;)

I think it's been over a year now since we've known each other right, adik? After canceling all our dates previously, finally MSU is the place we met. I kinda expected it will happen since we're studying at the same college. Thanks to Benn for noticing me was looking at you. I'm looking forward for our lunch date soon!

I am SO HAPPY to be back TO SCHOOL!

I wrapped up my last day of holiday by hanging out with my closest friends and boyfriend all day long yesterday. What a tiring day but every second was totally worth it! ;D

1st pit stop: Bijou Bazaar @ Solaris.
Bought 1 preloved dress for RM15 only

Thanks Fana for informing me about it!

2nd pit stop: Curve.
It's been awhile since the last double date with our best friends. ♥

3rd pit stop: Damansara Uptown Food Court.
Thanks Anil for purchasing Black Blazer from my blogshop. I am extremely excited having dinner with you and Zam yesterday! Hihihi.

4th pit stop: Badminton night at Petaling Jaya.
Last minute planning but we managed to join them! YEAY!

We "quarrel" several times since this is our 1st time playing badminton together. Maybe cos we are equally good competitors. I'm sorry baby... Hihihi.

P.S. My 6 weeks diet program starts today! :D


goblogbyfarah said...

baju u pergi kelas tu, very the vintage!

m@Ri@ said...

dah masuk sekolah yek..gud luck..;)

Putri Ramlan said...

hihi.. yeah, i know.. most of my friends told me the same thing too.. mmg vintage pun babe! ;)

hihi.. thanks awak! ;)

renyrino said...

kenapa? nak tanya jugak. :p

follow already.

Melissa said...

All the best for your new sem ! And you diet program ! Kan bagus if I ada semangat like you, I semakin membelon but tak sedar diri gak. Hee.

Putri Ramlan said...

hihi.. p&c kenapa i buat twitter baru tu.. :P but thanks for following me again.. i follow request to u too already.. ;)

i kena ada semangat mcm tu cos there's only less than 6 weeks until dec & i want to look effin' good on new year! :D

thanks for ur endless ur support! <3

raja nur juliana said...

harroo cik abiey! haha.. study hard k..dah masuk new sem nih..nnti ada free time,,kita main badminton lg :) happy gila main badminton dgn kome ari tuh.. take care love :)

Putri Ramlan said...

hehehe. tau takpe! kitorg pun happy gila main badminton dgn kome.. tapi kelakar lah sbb i mmg takleh partner dgn mie tp lama2 ok! thanks for supporting me dear.. much <3

khaleda said...

suka rmbt awk.
rindu nk perming :(

Putri Ramlan said...

kita suka je tgk rambut awak mcm skrang.. tak yah dah buat perming2 ni.. nnt rambut rosak.. :)

Syafy. said...

nanti we go lunch sama2 okay kakak? :)
btw goodluck for your 6 weeks diet programme. all the best! u can do it! gambatte ne.