Free 3 sessions with trainer!

Hello bloggers !
Happy Thaipusam .. :)
I'm sure most of y'all is on leave today since it's public holiday .
Hope y'all will have a great Thursday ..

First and foremost, I am sorry for the late updates !
And here I am, humbly sharing my personal life .. ;)
Thank you for being a great supporter(s) to you-know-who-you-are .

Anyway, some of you in Twitter MOST probably knew that I joined Fitness First at Empire Subang for less than a month now . Honestly , I'm grateful to have my Mummy who sacrifices her time and money , not only for herself , but to both of me and my twin brother so that we can get healthier body and lifestyle ! In other words , to look good ! Hahaha .

THANKS MUMMY! We love you so much .. ;)

I will proof to you Mummy that I am very determined to lose weight by my 25th birthday .
And this is the BEST GIFT so far !

Free starter pack that consists ; 1 backpack , 1 towel , 1 earphones , voucher & body first guide by Dave Nuku (Blue Team Trainer from The Biggest Loser Asia) .
My 12 month commitment membership card . (I've forehead like Tyra Banks , so what ?!)
Please don't be surprised cos yes , I know it's kinda embarrassing .. But hey , this is my current body figure ! FACTS don't lie . :/
As y'all can see , my ideal weight supposedly is 57kg . But my personal goal is at least 55kg by April 2011 ! :D
Meet my 3 days trainer that used to be my primary schoolmate name Jiwa . If I don't achieve my target by April , I have to do 1:1 training with you then . OH NO !


nmmy84 said...

yeay good luck putri :)

putrirex said...

Putriii!!! i'm soo proud of you :) and so lucky of you to have your mother accompany you! all the best babe. Keep healthy :) I can't wait to get my body back after my delivery due on April. Loves!!

susudalambotol said...

Ok. Taknak komen gambar tu. Amaigad.

Afeeqa said...

bestnye dpt pergi FF. kat johor nie 1 FF pun tarak. :(
good luck akak ! jgn lupa utk compare kan gmbr body skrg & body masa April 25th nnt. ;)

m@Ri@ said...

go go riri..harap riri dpt figure idaman..mcm maria nan ado lah..tunggu lagi bape2 bulan ek..;)