It's a wrap!

Assalamualaikum bloggers !
It's 15 mins til we welcoming the month of love - February .. Hihi .
I don't celebrate Valentine but I simply love the month cos my boyfriend was born on the 18th .

:) :) :)

Gosh ! 18 days left and I haven't prepare anything yet for him .
Panic mode is ON !!
Hahaha ..

Anyway , I've some other great news to share cos I don't really enjoy talking about my partner that much unless it's necessary . If you know what I mean .. ;)

First and foremost , I was HIRED as a part-timer at my favourite fashion retail store !!
Wohooo .. I still can't believe that I'm gonna work there starting tomorrow onwards .
(Imagine that I'm doing my chicken dance .. Yeah, yeah ! :D)
If you wanna see me more often , do drop by at Cotton On Sunway Pyramid , okay ??
There , I've said it . Hehehe .

Secondly , some of you may been wondering what happened to my studies right ?
Well , I have deferred my studies to one semester . I honestly was mentally not prepared on coming back to college last time . Adapting to student life from 3 years of working is pretty hard and challenging . Yet , I'm not blaming anyone else since I'm the one who has an attitude problem - "always moving from one place to another ," says Dr. Norhisham .

Solution : Start all over again in the following semester on 28th Mar 2011 .
(Praying hard that I'll success in both studies and working . InsyaAllah)

Last but not least , I officially owned secondhand Nikkor FISHEYE lense that I bought from Kareem . Thanks for selling it to me , brah ! Hahaha . I straight away fell in love with it since I've been looking for either wide / fisheye lense for my precious baby Nikon D3000 .. I am giggling all the way ! Weeeee ~

Hello !
Alhamdulillah , my eyes are better now . No more dry skin and itchiness .
Thanks Dr. Ranjit !
Day out with girlfriends . Complete 6ix ; I love !
From tea-time at Waroeng Penyet > karaoke at Song Box > supper at Dome , Curve .
Lunch date with Diah at Teh Tarik Place , Empire Shopping Gallery .
Thanks for coming dear although you're going to have a baby girl anytime soon .. ;)
With love .
His hair is getting longer than ever .
Gong Xi Fa Cai !!
Happy and prosperous new year to all of my chinese friends .. ;)


Mohd Fahmi Ismail said...

Abibiey!! mie amik gambar kite tu jd wallpaper komputer dh..hehe.. :D

cik gObu said...

heh ape2 pun
wish u all the best k

owwhh besday bf u 18 eh

besday i 22

cujen said...

oh februari baby rupanya..ehehe..org lahir bulan februari ni manja, penyayang, ada sense of art, kadang2 kelakar, romantik & susah diduga... sebab i pun lahir bulan februari jugak.. mine is 21/02.. ^_^.

u keje cotton eh? nnt nak singgah la... ade satu diary kat cotton tu dari hari tu nak beli tak beli2... ade lagi tak?

dialicious said...

alalala comelnyeee...i wish u will success in both studies n work.*my sis ckp comel je u kt cotton on*

Zul said...

nice photo.
open a flicker account

mamamarissa said...

oh! x sabarnya nak gi terjah cotton on...good luck dear :D

m@Ri@ said...

alamak fish eye ni mcm menggoda je..huhu..slmt hari ulang tahun buat mr mie..;)