This is how my weekend started..!

*This pic is credited to Sakinah*

What I wore:

Shirt: Flirtz
Skirt: Cotton On
Hosiery: Street Market, Curve
Shoes: Cotton On
Accessories: Various

"Gurl (my nickname at home).. You look so sweet today." Seriously Mummy?
THANK YOU! It's surely a good start of the day. ;)

We always hear the phrase "don't get too excited just yet" about anything because we may never know the outcome.. But sometimes we tend to forget it.. I know I DO! -___-"

On my way to fetch Syaf at her home in Klang, I'm lost about an hour. Seriously, that's not even funny cos Shah Alam and Klang are not that far. This is what happened when I'm spending most of my time at Damansara. Hahaha. Boo-me! So, don't you EVER feel guilty about it, okay dear? :-)

Thanks to Mr. R0xstar and you for accompanying me the whole evening.. I really had a blast yesterday! We should do this more often.. And I'm looking forward for our 1st bazaar together this April. Woots, woots! :-)

1st pitstop:
Old Blossom Box Store Prelove Party @ Seksyen 13, Shah Alam.
Meet Syaf, my lovely adik (different parents). ;)
Looking for custom-made maxi skirt/dresses? Search Sakinah Soleh at FB. :-)

2nd pitstop:
Bijou Bazaar @ Solaris, Mont Kiara.
Both of us are trying to be cute though. ;)
FINALLY he bought his 1st ever item at the bazaar. See that HAPPY face?? :D
Just loveee those vintage skirts!!
RM40 for all items at Bijou Bazaar - worth buying, right??


cujen said...

rm40 je?? mmg worth it la..beli kat old blossom ke? i teringin nk pi sane tp takde kawan... nnt klu u pegi sana ajak lah i.. hehehe

Legasi Piston Pecah said...

cume 40 hinggit je?wah..berbaloi2 kot..dah try add kwn sis yg 'molek' tu...have a great weekend!


Yeayyyy! I love all the photos u uploaded. Love u sister!

Putri Ramlan said...

i tak beli apa2 pun dkt OBB.. i bought all the items at bijou bazaar! :D meh lah dtg Flea What? Fashion Bazaar.. i ada buka booth jual prelove goods and new items! :D

sila lah add.. :-)

yeap! give me time for me to upload all the photos ok? :P