What did I do last night. ;D

I have always wanted to colour my hair AGAIN after so long. So yesterday, I finally decided to buy the hair colour but still clueless about which brand and colour I should use. Luckily I have friends to give tips about it! Thanks guys (you-know-who-you-are). ;)
I end up chose this new hair colour brand from Japan, Liese.
From the feedbacks that I got, most of 'em suggested it cos it's EASY to use and LESS chemicals. You see the word "Bubble"? This product is a new type of permanent hair colour that uses foam (similiar to shampoo) and it only cost RM38 per bottle! Cool right?? :D
These are all the products that you can get inside the bottle
You don't have to ask anyone else to help you anymore! :D
The results! I AM SUPER LOVING IT! :))
Colour: Marshmallow Brown

If you read my previous post, I uploaded photos of the nail colours that I bought last Thursday. Since I'm in the BIMBO mode, I did an experimental to my nails. I'm not a manicurist so forgive me if my painting is BAD. :P

Colour 1: PK106

Colour 2: PK109


renyrino said...

rajinnyeee kalau dah bosan kan.

*entry u sejak akhir2 ni macam ada lain sikit.tapi best la.

Putri Ramlan said...

hahaha. i MEMANG kebosanan pun babe. sbb tu buat segala benda tu malam tadi. :D

btw, thanks for the comment. i appreciated it sgt cos i mmg nk buat kelainan sikit. since u org pertama yg noticed and cakap BEST, a BIG thank you babe. ;)

gracedwards said...

cantek!!!! i dah lah hantu nail colours jealous. cantek colour pink tu, btw kan makcik i tak pernah try liese. selalu pakai revlon. tak sangka cantek jugak colour dia.woot!woot! lepas ni pakai liese. ;p

Putri Ramlan said...

yeah.. i KNOW u mmg hantu nail colours. tak yah nak jeles sgt eh cos i pakai buat je tu. hehehe.

anyway, sila try liese ni. mahal sikit drp brand lain but worth to try. like you said, cantek kan? :D

Afeeqa said...

waaa senangnya kak dah boleh colour rambut macam shampoo jek. nak try la nnt. hehe.

Putri Ramlan said...

hehe. yeap! try lah dik! sonang sangat! :D