I ❤ Bandung

Days before April, my cousin and I went to Bandung, Indonesia for holiday. Yeap, just the two of us.. Never thought that Mummy would fulfill my wish to go there as my birthday treat. Thank you very much, my superwoman! You know that I love you, right? Hihi.. ;) Wait till your 52nd birthday this coming September, I'll try doing something special for you. InsyaAllah.. Amin.

...And the road trip begins! :D

We took Malaysia Airlines that cost RM809 for both of us that includes everything. Totally worth it since I'm able to sit and sleep without hassle. Such a comfy seating compared to AirAsia. Oops!

But if I have to pay using my own budget, I might need to think twice about this matter again. Hahaha. But either way is fine with me as long as I'm going with someone that I can trust. :-)

See that tall and thin guy wearing brown oxford shoes? Hehe. Met Dimas back in 2008 during Colourama 2008 event. That was the 1st and last time we ever met since he is actually an Indonesian Chiptune artist who came to Malaysia just to perform his unique masterpiece. Since then, we became friends.

Thanks for bringing me and Ina around Bandung for sightseeing. Simply love all the food and ambience. I will definitely come back soon! And thank you for introducing Adi to us. He's been so helpful when you were busy doing assignments at college. :-)

The closest active volcano to the city of Bandung

Tea Plantation

Cool breeze with an amazing view. Perfect!

Bandung is smaller than Jakarta but the place is much peaceful. I am enjoying every second of it.. For all the ladies out there, lots of places to shop till you drop. I know my cousin is! Hahaha. I personally shop for my new clothes at Rumah Mode, Jalan Setiabudi and Secret, Jalan Riau. By just bringing RM1k is simply NOT ENOUGH. It was just too tempting, I had to buy "something"! :P

TIPS: Hire a 'supir' to take you whenever and wherever you want to go!

I think that's all about it.. More photos will be uploded at my Facebook account. :-)


susudalambotol said...

Jealous dengan gambar-gambar!

m@Ri@ said...

bestnya..ni buat jeles nak g jalan sana ni..haha...flight pn tak pernah naik lg..huhu

Putri Ramlan said...

kita punya trip bila pulak babe? teringin! :D

nnt ajak andry bawak maria dgn anak2 for anniversary soon. ;)