A quarter of a century old.


Just so you know, my twin and I just turned 25 yesterday on 4th April 2011. Wohooo! I still can't believe that in 5 years, I'll be in the three series. So I have many things to achieve and one thing for sure - to finish up my studies. Dear Putri, sila cekalkan hati dan kuatkan semangat. Amin. :-)

Question like "Bila nak kahwin?" is a common thing to ask especially when you have a steady relationship with someone special. By far, I've found that person that I pray will be my partner till death do us part. InsyaAllah..

I'm also thankful and grateful to have such a wonderful and loving family even though most of the times we, siblings, quarrel a lot! Hahaha. In the end, you ONLY have your family.. ;)

Thanks Mummy for everything that you have sacrificed for me!
There's no other word that best describes you than..


Balinese Cuisine at Bora Asmara for dinner. YUMS!
Not a rainbow cake but I loveee all the candles! Hihi.
From me. Hope he likes it! :-)
Cute cupcakes: MUST HAVE item on my birthday! Haha.
From Sayang. Creative, yes?! ;)
What I wore:

Cropped Blazer: Flirtz
Tiered Dress: H&M
Hosiery: Street Market, Curve
Ankle Boot: Bandung
Accessories: Various

"All in love is fair"
I love you all very much.. Mwah!
Last but not least, THANK YOU to you-know-who-you-are for the warm birthday wishes that I've got from phone calls, SMS, BBM, Twitter and Facebook. May Allah bless you all! ;)


m@Ri@ said...

hepi 25 years old riri...and also twin..yg mn maria br tau riri ada twin haritu kat twitter..haha..gile ketinggalan..semoga kalian dua hepi selalu..;)

Azza Azwar said...

happy belated birthday dear... ;)

Putri Ramlan said...

thanks dear for the wishes.. now u already know i've twin kan? so dah tak confuse lagi.. :-)

thanks dear! ;)

goblogbyfarah said...

sooooo comel!

Putri Ramlan said...

indeed! hahaha. :D rindu awak!