Hello February! ♥

While posting this blog post, I'm listening to Jason Mraz's tunes. :)

Oh well, I know I've not been blogging for quite some time now.. I just do not know what to write about. Sigh. Actually, I miss sharing stories and pictures in here tho.

Anyway, his birthday is just around the corner. This would be my 3rd year celebrating his birthday! Wohooo~ Never failed to surprised him with the parties. Haha. So last week I did asked him whether I should surprise him or not; he said NO! Oops. :p

It's kinda hard to think what is the best gift that I should give.. He always mentioned about one or things that he wants each time we hang out. Wait for it baby! If I bought something that not in the list at all, I know you'll still like it, right? Hihi.

Hope it's not too late for me to wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! There will always be ups and downs in our life, so may all of us SURVIVE ANOTHER YEAR! ;)

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