One year older, One year wiser

For the past 26th years ago, I never miss to celebrate my own birthday every 4th April each year. So that's why, no matter with whom I celebrate it, I myself will make sure it will be the best event of the year. Hihi. But since I met Fahmi, he's the one who will be planning the celebration. I'm lucky to have him not only as my boyfriend but my very best friend! Thank you for all the efforts throughout the year to make me feels that I am deserved to be treated like a princess.. ;)

This year, he totally surprised me. I honestly clueless where he will be taking me for the dinner. Yet I have been prepared to look my best on my birthday. I even created my own design online for my magenta maxi dress at Emcee Couture at the cheapest price. So I roughly send my measurements but the maxi dress is a bit longer and lose at the shoulder but hey I am still satisfied because Mei Chi (the designer) can finish it within 2 weeks. :D

And here we were at Subak, Bukit Lanjan! Totally loving the ambience and great food.. I ate their Tenderloin Steak (RM68), Chunky Wild Mushroom (RM12) and Amore for drinks (RM13). We sat at the couple's area seating and they even put "ubat nyamuk" under table to avoid the mosquitos attacking us. Haha. Looking forward for our dating-anniversary this coming June. I have bunch lists of food review on where we should consider to have our dinner. :p

I wish nothing but happiness with my loved ones and to be successful in everything that I do. Thank you everyone for all the warm wishes on my 26th birthday yesterday. Really appreciates it so much and may Allah SWT bless all of you. Love you lots! :)


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