Honestly, I'm out of words. Seriously, I just don't know what else I should share. I'm a girl who has a plain boring life. Some say, I just don't know how to have fun. Well, I've heard. Maybe my life seems perfect to some of you, I don't know. Let me tell you this - what kind of life it would be if there's nothing going wrong, right?

I do have ups and downs. Especially I'm turning a quarter century this coming April. REAL SOON. I don't feel great at all. By far, I only know what I do best YET I don't work hard to execute it! This is what happened when I let pressure controlling my own life. Bummer. -_-"

The 1st two months of 2011 has been good to me? Narh, I don't think so. If you watch "Lie to Me" on FOX Channel, you'll know that I'm telling the truth. That's why it has been ages I haven't updated any cool photos as my profile picture. And I honestly misses all the fun that I had - wearing extremely fashionable clothes, listening great vibes AND capturing those great moments/memories with my SLR.

If you still clueless with what I'm saying, just read. I don't force you to understand it. JUST READ.


Lulu Junior said...

Hello awak! :)

m@Ri@ said...

lama tak baca entry riri..tp nasib baik kita berjumpa d tweeter..oh yr coming burthday dah dekat ek..